While God’s truth and our eternal destiny in Christ are certain, many other factors in our lives are challenging and unclear at times. In this Passover season, I am praying that God will enlighten the eyes of your understanding and reveal His plans and purpose to advance you in every area of your life.  Through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, you can experience your deliverance this Easter season. By divine authority, faith, strategic prayer and intercession these Passover blessings have been released to you:
Access to Divine Protection.Deliverance from bondage, oppression, fear and your enemies.Through faith and the re-birth experience you are empowered with divine authority in the throne room of prayer.Through the blood of Jesus you have access to supernatural health and healing.Access to release the promises of God to experience God’s overflow of abundance and anointing. 
In this season, we need to rise up with audacity and  operate with faith not fear!  Choose faith and not fear. Fear brings torment and gives the enemy advantage over us.  By faith in the Power of the Blood of Jesus and through faith you invite, summon and attract God’s deliverance, healing, favor, goodwill and God’s mercy into every prevailing circumstance in your life – Sow into this Word right now.In the “Faith” chapter (Hebrews 11), we are reminded that trust is strongest when certainty is not present.  This Easter may your faith be strengthened and intensify as you trust God at the deepest level with a  willingness to walk and be led by the Spirit.