Over the years it has been said, “the greatest discovery of one’s life is the day that you discover the reason why God gave you life” . Like Jesus, when you uncover God’s assignment, you are given the revelation to walk in divine alignment to fulfill your mission.“ … For this purpose the Son of God was manifested,that he might destroy the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8bThe life of Jesus is a blueprint for the success of the believer. The Word of God reveals the critical life principle of remaining Kingdom-minded in enforcing God’s will and mandate on the earth .Men and women can indeed be chosen by God. But it is their decision to choose, regardless of the challenges, oppositions, and pressures; to go through the process, build capacity, endure the spiritual battles and remain faithful until the end that will determinewhether they find good success. Are you ready to divinely align your life?Over the years many people have asked me the key to my success in ministry. They have also asked me if I believe that I am chosen by God. Our journey with God is not a race; it is a marathon with pre-ordained processes or series of events to ensure we are equipped with the wisdom, persistence, and character to fulfill our assignment.I have had to ask myself, what makes one successful throughout my life? I have come to believe that success is not determined by how you start or even where you are right now.Success is how you end! There is a price to greatness – Are you willing?I have discovered that God’s definition of success and man’s definition are not the same. I will not know if I have been successful until I finish the race and hear the Lord’s assessment of my life.God’s definition of success is attached to the assignment he has given you. We see this demonstrated in the life of Moses’s divine helpers, Joshua, Aaron and Hur: ( Exodus 17:10-12 )The assignment and success of Joshua on the battlefield was different from the one assigned to Aaron and Hur to lift the hands of Moses. They did not fight in the front lines of the battle,but they stayed consistent to their specific responsibility.Their unity together empowered Israel to gain victory over the Amalekites.Staying on course in your purpose is the priority! If Moses and his team strayed from their assignment an entire generation would have been lost. together we must accept God’s assignment (Luke 18:1) – One Million Strong – to intercede like never before on behalf of our nations and families. We must relentlessly pursue God in the throne room of prayer and execute our end-time assignment to secure our success in God.God has given me 7 Miracle Faith Prayer Declarations for you, as you step into thePrayer Assignment of One Million Strong:God will prosper my business and my work. (Deut 28:8)My precious family will be saved. (Acts 16:31)God will cause me to walk in His overflowing blessing. (Ephesians 3:20)My household and I will never be defeated by the plans of the enemy. (Deut 28:7)God is raising the level of my faith. (Romans 10:17)Every Mountain in my life will be removed from adverse circumstances. (Mark 11:23)I will walk in divine health and strength. (Deut 7:15)To partner in agreement on this assignment with God, sow your seed of sevens: $177 … $77 … $1,077 … $ 47 … or even $27.The number 7 represents the end of a cycle . By divine direction, sowing a seed by faith in these prophetic numbers will provoke any negative cycle to come to an end with immediate effect.God has promised, “ The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon him:but the desire of the righteous shall be granted. ” Proverbs 10:24Kwame, believe in God’s promises, obey His directions, and release your faith to expect miracles. Every yoke of bondage shall be destroyed as you and I come into alignment with the Word and together in agreement with God’s mandate of strategic prayer.Yours for superimposing His Kingdom on Earth,Apostle Nicholas Duncan-WilliamsNDW Founder & OverseerP.S. You can send your Prayer Request (Here) , pray earnestly, and step into this ministry of One Million Strong intercession. Make your voice heard in the corridors of Heaven. Pray that God would call people around you and from the nations of our world to join with us in this Kingdom initiative.Remember to sow your faith offering to release this divine movement of prayer today and expect God’s 7 Blessings to be activated in your life as, together, we agree for an overflow of God’s grace, power, and, favor to be yours.