Thank you for joining the One Million Strong! Here is your link to Keys to Effective Prayer Course – What is Prayer? (Click Here)You can download a copy of the Mini Prayer Course Workbook (Here) to help you take notes and answer optional questions for personal reflection.Every Christian at some time in their spiritual journey asked, how do I know that God hears me when I pray? Or wrestled with the searching for a sure way to get answers to prayer?
Before we get to know the how, it’s important to know what prayer is? 
In its simplest definition, prayer is fellowship with God. Prayer is engaging God, where you relate with God and God relates with you. Prayer is a lifestyle. Prayer is to your spiritual life what breathing is to your natural life. If you stop breathing in the natural, of course we know what’s going to happen ̶ you’re going to die. 
You may not know it, but there is a desire and an ability in your recreated spirit to pray. Your spirit is hungry for prayer. It’s hungry to know God and to talk with Him. It’s hungry to see every enemy to your progress and growth defeated! 
Strategic prayer, you’re going to discover, is one of the most significant and exciting acts of service with God you’ll ever experience and do! Yes, it can be hard work at times, but there is a satisfaction and a reward that can only come from a lifestyle of prayer. When you practice daily fellowship with God, through prayer, His Word and His Spirit teaches you how to pray and receive answers! Deepen your capacity and learn more Keys to Effective Prayer Yours for Advancing the Kingdom,